1) Can I target my problem area along with losing overall weight?
 Yes, our Diet and Inch Loss Program helps you lose anywhere in between 3 to 5 kgs weight. And our Combination Lipo gives you Inch Loss with the help of Fat Loss by targeting at the area you desire to lose inches from, with the help of Light Exercise and a Simple Balanced Diet.

2) How many sessions can I take at a stretch?
 Our Nutritionist will explain you the number of days required in between the sessions but you can take upto 20 Sessions at a stretch depending from client to client.

3) How often do I need to come for the session? And how much time per session is required?
 The sessions can be taken once a week and it will range anywhere in between 60 to 90 mins.

4) What if I want to try few sessions and see the result myself?
 You can opt for 1 Session or can take package of 3 Sessions and can see the result yourself.

5) How do I decide on how many sessions are required by me?
  Our Nutritionist will analyse the amount of Accumulated Fat in your concerned area and accordingly suggest the number of sessions required.

6) What kind of result can I expect in 1 month?
  You can lose upto 6 inches from the targeted area and 5kgs in a month.

7) What if I have a Medical Condition along with Obesity or me being Overweight?
 Our Nutritionist takes down the Medical History before starting with the Sessions of Combination Lipo or the Diet Plans.  She takes into Consideration all your Medical Problems and accordingly suggests the best method to lose that extra weight  or inches. It is ensured that even your Medical Conditions are improved along with the diet.

8) Can I do any other exercises or massages along with this procedure?
 Yes you may, the basic 45 minutes of walking is the only exercise required along with the procedure, over and above that  you may do any kind of exercises, play your favorite sport or go for any massages. 

9) Do I need to be on a very strict diet? Can I eat my favorite food along with diet plans given to me?
 No, you needn’t follow any restricted diet, you will be given an Easy to follow Simple Balanced Diet Plan taking into  consideration all your likes and dislikes. 

10) Can I resume my normal activity post the session?
 Yes, there is no downtime required post the session. You can continue with your work or other activities immediately post  the sessions. Its absolutely safe!!!