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  • Well I have always been into competitive fitness and realized I had hit a plateau in weight loss and muscle definition. But going to Pallavi for a weight loss and inch loss programme was a cleansing process for my body, particularly when I was battling weight gain around my waistline due to injury which I had while playing tennis.
  • Pallavi's forte is her ability to customize a Nutrition Plan for your needs be it weight loss, inch loss or fitness. Her diet programme has made me look fitter, less fatter and extremely energetic.
  • I feel better and honestly I had not expected the kind of result I am seeing and it would not be possible without your support.
  • Pallavi I appreciate the efforts you put behind me and I will continue to need you by myself as the bar has been raised for my goals by you and you would need to stand by me as you have until now. Thank You ...


  • I was very happy and satisfied from the beginning the way I got the results without any side effects and I could always follow Pallavi’s diet effortlessly.
  • Last but not the least I am very happy that I got you as my dietician.


  • I felt very nice and I am very satisfied as there is personal attention from Pallavi. I liked the diet very much and saw good results in terms of weight loss and inch loss.
  • Q-Slim is not commercialized as they give honest opinion, offer excellent service in terms of timely follow up and personal attention.


  • A very experienced and professional approach. Clarity of thought and method of explaining the procedure leaves one with a feeling of goodwill and confidence of being in good hands.


FROM 59.90 TO 46.50

  • None of my clothes look good on me. I need to lose weight badly. What should I do? Best I will eat less…Coffee for breakfast, Omlette for lunch, orange juice in noon and milk and Cereal for dinner and a gym membership ofcourse.
  • Result-I had put on more weight and ultimately thought chalo now lets go to a dietician starve myself and get thin. When I met Pallavi Di and she asked me my diet, I very proudly told her what all I ate thinking how can she help me I as it eat so less, she will just give me an orange juice diet or a lime water diet like other so called dieticians do but the moment I saw the diet she gave me My reaction was, AREY YOU KIDDING ME I AM GONNA PUT ON WEIGHT BY THIS DIET ,THIS IS MY ONE WEEK’s FOOD probably even more.

  Dieting is not about starving ourselves but is about EATING RIGHT.

  • I never enjoyed eating as much as I enjoyed while dieting. I was eating to lose weight and the best part my diet comprised of all my likes. Not only this I felt energetic throughout the day, my face started glowing.
  • She taught me to respect my body and love it. Food is about nourishment. I am very grateful to Pallavi Di,and more than me my family. I have changed as a person.
  • Today, when I go out people compliment me on my looks and say me we are so sure you are starving yourself not eating…. and the very next moment when they see me having my favorite mango, banana or cheese (considered as so-called fattening foods) say I am blessed with a high metabolism…hahahaa Thanks Pallavi Di. You are the best thing that has happened to me. Love You :-*


  • The most incredible service ever!! I searched a lot for this kind of service but got nothing satisfactory. Well, now I am thoroughly satisfied and the happiest.
  • Knowledge is unending, like nothing was kept unanswered and I would recommend every other person who wish to lose their extra fat in a good way and a healthy way.
  • Keep doing the good work. Thankyou