Shivaji Satam


I was battling with weight gain due to my accident. My field demands me to be fit and on my toes for hours together hence losing weight quickly and effectively was my major concern. I came to know about Pallavi and started with her treatment for Weight Loss and Inch Loss Programme- Combination Lipo- I felt very nice and contented as losing weight under Pallavi’s guidance was never a difficult task. I was eating everything and still losing weight. Her specialty to give a personalized diet and inch loss program as per the person’s requirement is what gave me the ease and confidence to follow it for not only days but months and seeing the result and getting the complements motivated me enough. I knew you were the best in your field, but now I know that you will remain the best… thanx a lot.

Actor Shivaji Satam (ACP Pradyuman - CID)

Sudha Khadtale, 63 yrs

I felt very nice and I am very satisfied as there is personal attention from Pallavi. I liked the diet very much and saw good results in terms of weight loss and inch loss. Q-Slim is not commercialized as they give honest opinion, offer excellent service in terms of timely follow up and personal attention.

Naseem Dhrolia, 37 yrs

Pallavi,you are highly educated,professional and very much devoted towords your work.Your staff was very polite and helpful.My overall experience was awesome.I had drastic change in my weight,my skin and my health after meeting you.Thanks for everything.

Pooja Ailnani

Recently I have been having some trouble with my stomach and I have tired lots of things then my nephew recommend to go to see Pallavi so I said why not,nothing to I went and I didn’t expect to start seeing results so quickly.She look at my medical history and gave me a few great Nutritional remedies to try and lo and behold,they work!But that’s not the only thing that impressed me,the level of customer service is amazing.Pallavi is so friendly and approachable,she doesn’t just treat you like a client, she treats you like a friend and that’s so different from so many other places.10/10 from me!

Tanya Sinha

The moment I heard the word diet I imagined meager meals fasting and having boiled vegetables.But when I met Pallavi her version of diet surprised me.Like every other Indian bride I wanted to look good for the wedding by having less weight and no acne on face. Pallavi patiently sat and heard the history focusing on the core problem. The acidity that I had was the main issue of weight gain associated with acne. Her 1 month diet gave not only helped me lose 6kgs in 4 wks but also detoxed my body. I have never been amazed at the transformation a month diet could do. I felt better and could eat a lot of stuffs! Earlier did not eat fearing trigger of acidic. Her diet not only bought me in perfect shape but also added glow on the face. All this achieved without my medicines strict diet workout still marvels. I strongly recommend her to those seeking long term solutions and being meds free!!

Shweta Ranjan, 38 yrs.

After my pregnancy I lost the weight which I had put on but couldn’t loose on the enlarged tummy. I stopped wearing dresses and was always very conscious of my tummy. My 4 yrs old daughter asked me why I had big tummy and others didn’t had that. Pallavi helped me reduce my tummy and gain confidence. Her ever smiling face and dedicated approach help me reschedule my life and alter food habits which initially I thought was impossible because of the work life pressure. Heart full thanks to this young and dynamic doctor.Wish u all the best and success in life Pallavi Srivastava.

Shailendra Gaikwad,43 yrs Mumbai.

I just want to commend Nutritionist Pallavi on her ability to get me achieve me weight goals and health goals.I took a chance directly with no reference and was destined to be blessed.I am now at the weight that I have always wanted to be,have a good healthy body and I am in great shape.My friends and family have told me that I look 10 yrs younger and asked me how it happened.Dr.Pallavi with her care,and understanding and gentle approach with me in addition to her very successful nutritional program,was able to get me to feel better about myself and lose the weight and inches that I wanted to lose,and we did it,in the healthiest way possible.Dr.Pallavi,you have made such as incredible positive impact in my life.Because of you I am making much healthier food choices.In the last few weeks,I have kicked my sugar habit and I am doing really well with my eating –down 5kg of weight in one and half months. Thanku for helping and inspiring me.When i discovered I had high sugar levels at this early age of 32 yrs, i was shocked and scared as i knew I had to give up on sweets forever and i would need to be on medicines throughout my life, then I met Nutritionist Pallavi and she firstly calmed me down , explained me the importance of eating right and balanced,in 3 months, my blood sugar levels were all in control,my energy was superb, i was eating well, exercising well and most importantly feeling great, Thanks Pallavi, I would recommend all to consult her for all their queries.